Mike Thurston: The Meaning Of Instagram For Fitness Models

Who needs mags when there's Instagram? Mike Thurston always wanted to be a fitness cover model. But these days, he's happy to be a star on Instagram, which he uses to show off his hard work in the gym and to promote his training business. Mike is in demand with many of the world's top physique photographers - but the shots appear online not in print. His modelling work allows him to travel the world, and is also an incentive to stay in shape all year round.

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Andrei Deiu: Teen Transformed

It's hard to believe that the before and after photos show the same person. 19 year old Andrei Deiu has spent five years in the gym transforming himself from obese 14 year old to aesthetic god. Now he's seeing the rewards - with attention from photographers, sponsors and fans inspired by his story. Here we see him at a photoshoot with top German photographer, Thomas Lind.

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Justin St Paul: Six Day Split

How to build a physique like Justin St. Paul: The 23 year old WBFF Pro Muscle Model takes us through his actual training plan. Always looking to achieve the perfect balanced physique, Justin is pretty happy with his chest and biceps, so the emphasis will be on back and legs.

Day 1: Legs

Never skip leg day! Justin St Paul trains legs on the first of six training days.

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Day 2: Back and triceps

Back and triceps are a priority for Justin St Paul as he works to balance the front and back of his physique. This is the first of two back days of Justin's Six Day Split.

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Day 3: Shoulders

Justin is hitting all the different deltoid muscles from different angles.

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Day 4: Legs

No-one likes Leg Day, but if you want the perfect physique, it's gotta be done. An extra Leg Day in his weekly training is Justin St Paul's regime for bringing his lower body in to balance with his upper. Here are all the exercises Justin does on his second leg day.

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Day 5: Chest and triceps

Justin has a big chest, and he's working on bringing his back and legs into proportion with his chest. But he still makes sure his chest gets a full workout each week. By combining chest with triceps, he will also bring his tri's into balance with his biceps.

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Day 6: Back

Justin adds a second back day into his weekly training programme in order to bring his back in to balance with his front body. But the back has many different muscles which need to be hit from different angles, so this is a completely different workout from Day Two.

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Jeff Seid: The Return

He's back and in his best shape ever. Jeff Seid wins the IFBB Stockholm Pro against a tough international field, earning himself a place at the 2016 Olympia. In this report, third place Olympian Jason Poston takes us behind the scenes and assesses the field, which includes Men's Physique Pros from the USA, Russia, Romania, Italy, Portugal and Iran. The first Stocholm Pro show took place at the FitnessGalan Expo.

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In this video Jeff Seid explains why he took a break from social media:


Zac Aynsley, Andrei Deiu, Johnny Steinbach: New Kings Of Aesthetics

Young and shredded: Zac Aynsley, Andrei Deiu and Johnny Steinbach are leading a new generation of fitness stars who love to train for aesthetics. All aged 19-21, these new Kings of Aesthetics are getting noticed and sending a message that the aesthetic look is taking over from the mass monsters of the old days, and inspiring the New Fitness Generation.

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